loop merge key road turns

into a tree stop impale

canoe mud river


Knitting integration, pass word that the road turns into a tree so stop impaling.

Dredge up the muddy river and paddle.



horseradish caution

yellow pinkish black splatter

drip fling cave to vex


Intertwined conditional existence, be careful of evil spatter.  

Surrender with curiosity to trivial drops or spots that pique one’s interest or taste.



pale white yellow tee

deep ocean baby blue shelf

orange navy red


Bombarded by the sun, resembling silicon dioxide

based sandy catalytic characteristics as a result of

a line of uniforms.  Dress whites drenched along

the rail, caution around a raised yellow peg.  

Shade draped waves of the orange buoy out in a sea

of constructive destruction.  Blue spans across and below

the deck.  

Physical continental shelf depth charges dropping

with fallen treasure.  Redshirted for the Fall to play Army another day.

Prefer a young perspective from what vantage

point may well view the shot not heard.  

Game of intimidation, play calling with human watery

flow building in the balance.  Run of bow line flags

flapping, cutting through the waves.  

Stern underwater  jet churning.  Options to grow,

sight stored unseen, as better protection - coast guard swim.


masked edge inch wash

mark cell ultramarine lines

smudged palette too weak


Concealed private healing accounting

along subtle massaged coloring lines

of public places.  

Outside limit hidden effects to the

last inner cell must be cleaned.  

A messy invasion that rubs wrong

permanently mixed.  

The cell marking connections of the

accountant, statistician or mathematician

are too dissociated to unmask the linkages

and lineage of a gradually measured frame.  

Carefully we move in a direction

with military precision cleansing the cell

to the furthest point from the center.  

New tapes, new glues and new cleansing agents

must reconnect wholesome

insight covered by skewed forces.


From the invisible depths worming

through clean, audited and unmarked lines:

through a smeared, blurred,

colored past to clarity.