© 2017 Glenn E. Addison

imagine order

to create forth unity

violent descent

malnourish motion

the vulnerable error

see pardon restore

hurt and loneliness

sit with bad sad love feeling

often sub anger

my reality

flows from one to the next one


shroud protection

walls of trust swollen

pyramidal fall

mini seventies

short forty-two years ago

big big impression

one dollar an hour

was taken away from six

so gangrene rotten

human who am i

here identification

if i think exist

often prescribed

compliance gathered

disabling process

shallow river sit

riveted line embankment

is deeper than now

narrow needle eye

walking through forty yards

big big opening

spring salad with egg

olive oil with vinegar

herbs cover new shoots

light gentle breeze

moderate temperature

sun burns skin red

lookout credit park

jam five cash in slot slide card


calm new home cycle

embodiment of wisdom

screaming lasting peace


four ounce yogurt cup

a tablespoon chia seeds

plastic spoon delight

bowl of black bean soup

onion garlic cayenne spice

parsley chicken broth

spring salad with egg

olive oil with vinegar

herbs cover new shoots

Popeye approved

lemon juice pepper butter

box chopped spinach

a vegetable

buttery asparagus

delicate soothing

lime jello with pears

cherry jello mandarin

orange fruit cocktail

smell french bread baking

is pleasing to the ether

crispy crust butter


human who am i

here identification

if i think exist

identification card

address unknown here


drivers license card

may not carry this

walking good long path

passport left behind

secure wandering travel

discover homeland

money gone sidewalk

cash given corner away

empty pocket now

credit cards on way

to sea via sewer drain

simple cut sound flow

phone walked away

disturbing calls at long bay

smart move i would say

box of possessions

curious as the dickens

admittance papers

hospital observes

three days curious about

note diagnosis

pills for apartment

must take to stay food service

wide slick tire table

values play moment

taken away by potent

zyprexa dissolve

often prescribed

compliance gathered

disabling process

eleven slow years

heavy reclamation start

upon revision


imagine order

to create forth unity

violent descent

bluff road center line

rock fall near asphalt pavement

one cross golden crown

storytelling is

a unifying process

fragmented astride

plain white line runway

flying touch from the wind storm

land force impact flight

holistic medic

reassembling bones afar

splintering stories

watch water line rise

waves splash against ships split hull

sacred royal coin

trust one path forking

all told whole truth suffering

uneven sin rules


hurt and loneliness

sit with bad sad love feeling

often sub anger

fear of loss of love

rejection looming afront

then addictions take

protected passage

harsh world of anguish despair

be alive on earth

alcohol drugs porn

caffeine cigarettes working

sugar fat salt food

a soda active

overspending cold terror

home asphalt highway

be in love on earth

by swaying path regarding

smell taste hear see touch

invite good come back

candle is burning for you

saunter with new feel


submission to weigh

read write meditate decide

avoid faint black out


all around inner time life

connecting far near

sit with knowledge wise

sift sort hurting professing

calm embodiment

sacrifice selfless

search find do right what i see

learned passage rock

set the stage in place

catalytic house forming

bear provoking rod

switch change realign

trigger the storm engulfing

keep moving slalom

success a knowing

a marker in time for time

broaden speak of road


my reality

flows from one to the next one


fortune this one now

but wait the next one lately

good move as i watch

or listen stream of

pen disc box ball televise

search sort meander

wait feel breathe cup hold

light folder pad tree light

picture guitar stretch

booking rack knee fit

table high write cushion

heaters shade stand pale

laminate coating

three prong electric zip pouch

kiln kit bowl roaster

boot sector shelve clip

sweat silver black two feet out

print wash dry blue slow

locks on the panes key

color canvas stable slab

cinder block pavement


falling pattern low

tribesman flow relegated

time past alternate

cartooning rights now

satire lampooning takeoff


caricature same

drunken farcical precept

ridiculous mat

safety in numbers

trumpets marching call orders

interstate pileup

feigned posturing

innocent demeanor cloak


injunctive relief

retardation solution


resurgent motion

quantum angle film cohort

study the pavement

delve deeply arouse

nurture reform cite canvas

grow exponential


foundational post

bolted to ground wooden might

solid sturdy blight

china plate candle

santa claus presents red bow

throw tree ornaments

bereavement then grief

biopsychosocial effects

life speculation

speedy position

one foolhardy enemy

looks deceivingly

study station course

draw inference set point texts

swim hard ride fast go

recover sketch pads

unwind rest go softly breathe

stop turn deep fathom


slowing thought and act

deeper reflective nurture

grow perturbations

revise new course resetting

equilibrium motion

Free Verse

dark clouds bring purple ocean going rain

legs hike cross grass

women moving mountains

ideas camped in the shadow of the rainbow

blue eyes claw from beet roots

blond kingdom grass pillars

sandy visual defence system

black night

ghostly stick swirls

ghastly stars fading out

brewing under a half moon

fog rising

blind as a bat

scares away the crows

black cat recoils

pumpkin flavored stars

pirating patches

washing away cobwebs

they call her the black widow

skeleton oil flows

dark mind candy

wired veins pulsing blood

savage intensity

brutal recovery

masking hurt

costuming rejection

draculian cold depression

creating a Frankenstonian legacy

coffee first and last

© 2018 Glenn E. Addison